Simple and Clean (IDR350.000)
Gaya minimalis dan modern.
Blog terlihat rapi, bersih dan enak dibaca.

~Custom Header (Simple)
~Custom Pattern Background
~Custom Fonts
~Custom SNS Button
~Custom "About Me"
~Custom Favicon

Decorative (IDR550.000)
Blog dihiasi dengan berbagai dekorasi favoritmu.
Unik, dan sesuai dengan karakter dan gayamu.

~Custom Header (Decorative)
~Custom Pattern Background
~Custom Fonts)
~Custom SNS Button
~Custom "About Me"
~Custom Menu
~Custom Favicon
~Custom Cursor

~Logo IDR250.000 (include .png, .jpg, .psd dan .ai file (vector))
~Media Kit IDR250.000 (.pdf)
~Grab button IDR50.000
~Facebook/twitter Cover IDR100.000
~Blog Header IDR100.000
~Image Slider IDR100.000 (exclude images)
~Animated profil picture IDR50.000
~Pinterest button IDR25.000
~Linkwithin IDR25.000
~Custom cursor IDR100.000

How to put SNS Button on Your Blog + Free 6 Flowery Social Media Logo

Hello there! Today I will share to you how to put the SNS button on your blog. I prefer to use the SNS button than SNS badge, because it's simply beautiful. So, here we go:

First, get the image of button you want to use. Luckily, I have 6 SNS Logo that you can use for free (only available until this May).

Upload the images into anything image hosting service you like. Copy the image URL.

So, we have the image URL, now we have to get the gadget/widget we need to put the html code. Yep, go to your blog dashboar then choose layout. Add gadget. Choose the HTML/Javascript gadget.

Put this code


  1.  One code for one SNS Button
  2. You can put all the codes in one gadget

Freebies! It's a png pack that contains 6 beautiful flowery png social network site logo. You can use it for the SNS Button, or whatever you want.

This pack contains:

  1. Flowery Facebook Logo
  2. Flowery Youtube Logo
  3. Flowery Twitter Logo
  4. Flowery Instagram Logo
  5. Flowery Google+ Logo
  6. Flowery Mail Logo
You can download the png pack here for free!

Kindly leave your blog URL in the comment box if you use the button. I want to see if the buttons work well :)

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