Simple and Clean (IDR350.000)
Gaya minimalis dan modern.
Blog terlihat rapi, bersih dan enak dibaca.

~Custom Header (Simple)
~Custom Pattern Background
~Custom Fonts
~Custom SNS Button
~Custom "About Me"
~Custom Favicon

Decorative (IDR550.000)
Blog dihiasi dengan berbagai dekorasi favoritmu.
Unik, dan sesuai dengan karakter dan gayamu.

~Custom Header (Decorative)
~Custom Pattern Background
~Custom Fonts)
~Custom SNS Button
~Custom "About Me"
~Custom Menu
~Custom Favicon
~Custom Cursor

~Logo IDR250.000 (include .png, .jpg, .psd dan .ai file (vector))
~Media Kit IDR250.000 (.pdf)
~Grab button IDR50.000
~Facebook/twitter Cover IDR100.000
~Blog Header IDR100.000
~Image Slider IDR100.000 (exclude images)
~Animated profil picture IDR50.000
~Pinterest button IDR25.000
~Linkwithin IDR25.000
~Custom cursor IDR100.000

Cherry Blossom

Hello there! It's been a long time since my last post about blog design. The latest one I created is this Cherry Blossom Blogger Theme for the cute mommy Shanty Huang.

Ci Shanty loves pink and Hello Kitty. She loves cute and girly things. So, I decorate her blog with lace, polka dot background and sakura (just like her blog's name). For the colors, I choose a soft pink and dark taupe, with soft peachy background. I, myself, love this kind of color combo. Fortunately, Ci Shanty loves it too.

For other elements, I try to keep it as simple as possible, but not too monotone. Because the color is already monotone, so I add lacy borders both for the main column and sidebar column. And I also put a signature decoration, the Sakura flowers on the upper corner of the blog and a sakura cursor.

What do you think about this Cherry Blossom Blogger theme?

Don't forget to check out Shanty Huang's blog. She writes about beauty (if you like korean make up, you definitely have ti check ci Shanty's blog).

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