Simple and Clean (IDR350.000)
Gaya minimalis dan modern.
Blog terlihat rapi, bersih dan enak dibaca.

~Custom Header (Simple)
~Custom Pattern Background
~Custom Fonts
~Custom SNS Button
~Custom "About Me"
~Custom Favicon

Decorative (IDR550.000)
Blog dihiasi dengan berbagai dekorasi favoritmu.
Unik, dan sesuai dengan karakter dan gayamu.

~Custom Header (Decorative)
~Custom Pattern Background
~Custom Fonts)
~Custom SNS Button
~Custom "About Me"
~Custom Menu
~Custom Favicon
~Custom Cursor

~Logo IDR250.000 (include .png, .jpg, .psd dan .ai file (vector))
~Media Kit IDR250.000 (.pdf)
~Grab button IDR50.000
~Facebook/twitter Cover IDR100.000
~Blog Header IDR100.000
~Image Slider IDR100.000 (exclude images)
~Animated profil picture IDR50.000
~Pinterest button IDR25.000
~Linkwithin IDR25.000
~Custom cursor IDR100.000

Peach Love

Few days ago, Iva contacted me. She said she want to change her blog layout, to make it tidier. She really knows what she want, so it's easier for me to design the layout and other elements for her blog. I create one that looks modern, simple and easy to be explored.

The design itself doesn't have so many element. I only use 3 colors: peach; yellow-green (kinda look like a light ochre, i think) and light grey. I like the colors so is Iva, it's simple yet pretty. I don't make header nor favicon for Iva, because she already have one.

I use 2 fonts, they are Amatic SC and Open Sans. Amatic SC is really an eye catching fonts, it's simple and looks fresh.

Here's the whole look of the Peach Love Blogger Theme:

Don't forget to check out Iva's blog. She writes about beauty, especially her favorite one: Fantasy Makeup. She creates many amazing works.

Thank you for trusting us to design you blog, Iva :D

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